01 November 2009

14 Views of Mourning Light

"14 Views of Mourning Light"
Choreography: Heather Gray in collaboration with Dancers
Light Design: Robert Shannon
Video: Heather Gray
Photography: Elizabeth Henry-Hooker

These images are from my BFA concert/thesis. I am planning on revisiting this work or possible resetting it, depending on how quickly I can get a show together and if my dancers are still in Boulder. I had an amazing time working on this concert and was lucky to work with some amazing souls. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. 

Next I will be writing grants and looking for venues. I will keep you posted. It is both exciting and scary transitioning into the "real world" as an artist. Being a student you are lucky to have an easily accessible venue, PR and a budget to produce a concert... in the "real world" these are very very very expensive things. I am motivated, inspired and have a few partners in crime to take this journey with. There are exciting times ahead! Here we go!

30 October 2009

The Living Theatre.

Approaching Shadow

Afternoon Chat

Evening Hurries by



Her Study

In a Buddhist Temple

Lonely Stroll

Shadowy Life

On the Stages of Life

Sun Rays

My friend Marlene introduced me to photographer, Fan Ho who is currently represented by the Modernbook Gallery in Palo Alto, California. I was instantly inspired and excited by his work. He took these images over 50 years ago which I find incredibly intriguing since his work is so modern. He has received over 280 awards from international photography contests and exhibitions and also teaches as a "guest professor" at universities around the world.

Seeing Hong Kong through Ho's lens is like stepping into a fantasy world where light plays along the walls with a whimsical sense of humor . His perspective gives the impression of a well designed and thought out scene, but perhaps they were captured through chance? The title of his exhibition, The Living Theatre, lends itself to the former, although my child-like imagination prefers to think these moments existed in real time. His use of shadows to highlight shapes and figures mixed with a suspension of movement is breathtaking. I would love to step into Fan Ho's Hong Kong Yesterday for a weekend and watch the magic unfold.

Have a beautiful and magical weekend.
xoxo H